Case / Report

Event Report

“Digital Math Contest -Japan Math Method-” in Sri Lanka Enhancing learning with Japanese unique ways

“Digital Math Contest -Japan Math Method” was held in Sri Lanka in January 2021. The event offered the opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability and also touch Japanese culture during the pandemic.

SuRaLa Net has been conducting mathematics contests using box calculations which is Japanese-style mathematics practice to improve accuracy and speed of calculations. Although the initial plan for this year was to organize the large event including preliminary rounds in more than six locations nationwide in Sri Lanka, the event turned to online due to pandemics. But, the preliminary round was conducted to involve 366 students. Among them, 44 students were selected for the final round.

In the final round, participants performed their best to demonstrate the results of their daily learning. Connecting online, the event also offers the opportunity for students to mingle with other students while many events were canceled due to the pandemic. Also, besides the contest, Japanese members from SuRaLa Net conducted activities to introduce Japan and its culture, origami, and participants enjoyed cultural exchange opportunities. 

*This event was held as a part of the “Introduction of Japanese-style Education Using Public-Private Collaborative Platform(EDU-Port Japan Project)”