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SuRaLa Net aims to support children in Japan and globally to have the true academic ability that can be utilized through their lives and confidence that efforts can bring results. By nurturing the ability for the future through advanced technology, we envision realizing innovation to solve educational inequalities.

Business Overview

Launching the project in 2005, SuRaLa Net is the leading EdTech Company providing e-learning to tuition schools, schools, after-school daycare centers as well as individual home learning over 15 years. Since 2014, we have expanded overseas to enhance the quality of education in emerging and developing countries. Listed in Japan in 2017, we are pioneering innovation in education.

In Japan, 2,606 schools & tuition schools
In the overseas market,
55 schools & tuition schools
Total 433,439 Users
(as of 2021 December)
Tuition School
Home Learning

Product & Service

SuRaLa Net develops e-learning materials for individual learning. With small-step interactive animation-based lectures and drills with gamification and adaptive function, our products aim to enhance learning including low-achieve students and develop everyone’s academic abilities.

Surala Ninja!

Innovative Mathematics e-learning service for individual learning. Offered in English, Sinhala, and Indonesian


Comprehensive e-learning service covering 5 key subjects (Japanese, Mathematics, English, Science, Social studies) in Grade 1-12  *Offered in Japanese

Other products

We offer a wide range of products to respond to diverse needs of learning from schools to tuition schools and home learning.  *Offered in Japanese

  • Surala Drill
  • Pitadri
  • everyday TOEIC®L&R TEST
  • My tutor for Surala
  • The road to calculation master
  • The road to English word and idioms master
  • Speed doctor, Ratio doctor
  • douga pocket
  • Study park
  • Digital Study

Service and event

In addition to provide e-learning materials, we also hold special events for active learning where students collaboratively work on themes related to daily lives and social issues. The event aims to nurture skills for the 21st century.

Moreover, the service extends to parents in addition to children. By combining Behavior therapy and home learning know-how, we offer “Parent training” for those who have children with special educational needs.


2005 Started e-learning project
2007 Produced a prototype e-learning system and introduced to junior high schools and started an e-learning Juku (tuition school) in Tokyo.
2008 Found “Surala Net”
2010 Took over “Surala Net” by MBO and spin it off
2014 Started the project in Sri Lanka as JICA project
2015 Installed as a member of the Expert Committee of the Education Rebuilding Implementation Council under the Japanese Cabinet
2015 Started the project in Indonesia as JICA project
2017 Started the project in the Philippines
2017 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Mothers market
2019 Signed a partnership with Indonesia University of Education
2019 Started the project in Egypt as JICA project
2020 Selected for EdTech subsidies by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

Our Global Footprint

  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Palau
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

Projects (Current & Past)


  • 1st SDGs Business Award Japan Scale-out Award (2017)
    • Award for providing high-quality education at low price in “Surala JUKU” in Sri Lanka/ Assess creation of employment opportunities
  • Forbes Japan Social Contribution Award “Japan entrepreneurs ranking” (2017)
  • 2nd Nippon Venture Award Solution Social Challenge Award (2016)
  • Japan venture Awards 2015 Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Chairman Prize (2015)
  • 9th Japan e-Learning Award Ministry of Education Prize (2012)

Other achievements / recognitions

  • Selected for Expert Committee of the Education Rebuilding Implementation Council
  • Certified as “J-Startup Company“, the Japanese government’s support program for global expansion of selected top-level start-ups

Company overview

Company Name SuRaLa Net Co., Ltd.
Date of Incorporation Aug. 29, 2008
Address 4/F, Toshimaya Building, 1-13-1, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Main Business Plan, develop and provide e-learning education service “Surala”,
provide operation consulting and give support to marketing and promotion
Financial Year 1st, January-31st, December
Audit Cooperation Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC
Board of Directors Founder & Chief Executive Officer Takahiko Yunokawa
Director Miki Kakiuchi/ Masahiro Sato
Director (Audit and supervisory committee member)
Hiromitsu Kobayashi/ Tomoya Fujimoto/ Kei Kato

Partner companies


Surala Suluh Karsa
Address: Jl. Sadakeling No.8A, Burangrang Lengkong, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 40262
TEL: +62 877-3777-4948
Web: https://surala.co.id/

Sri Lanka

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Address: 12, Deal Place, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka
TEL: +94 76 363 6175
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