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[For educators and organizations]

Thank you for your interest in using our service.

To respond to various needs and questions, we would like to have a meeting before trial.

The sample flow is as follows:

Apply for inquiry => Online meeting => Trial => Sign agreement => Preparation (Training ets.) => Students start learning
  • 1. Apply for inquiry
  • 2. Online meeting
  • 3. Trial
  • 4. Sign agreement
  • 5. Preparation(Training etc.)
  • 6. Start learning

*For those who are in Indonesia and Sri Lanka,
Please contact partner companies operating in your country.

Partner Companies

[For individuals]
Home learning programs are operated by our partner companies in Indonsia and Sri Lanka. Please contact from the above.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which language is Surala available?
Surala is offered in English, Indonesian, and Sinhala. English version can be utilized for those who do not use Indonesian and Sinhala as a medium of instruction. Please contact us for details on how to enhance learning with the English version.
Can we use it in parallel with our own original syllabus?
Our content can be adjusted and used by any kind of syllabus. The learning plan can be flexibly designed for each student by using the “Teacher Management Panel”.
What do we need to prepare to start Surala?
Device (laptops or tablets) and internet network are required.


  • Supported DevicesWindows PC / Mac / Chromebook / iPad *

    *Smartphones and iPad mini are not supported.

  • Supported browsers Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Safari

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Please refer to our “Privacy Policy”.

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