What’s “Surala Ninja!”?

Innovative Mathematics e-learning service for individual learning

With interactive animation lectures and gamification drills, Surala Ninja! aims to enhance independent learning. Ninja characters attract students and lead to have a firm understanding, raise motivation, and get the higher achievement. The service is used for schools, tuition schools, and home learning programs run by partner companies.

3 Characteristics of “Surala Ninja!”

  1. Individually optimized learning with adaptive function– Students can learn at their right level and at their own pace

  2. Covering three key elements for the acquisition of the learning– Understanding, Mastering, and Utilizing

  3. Gamification function to make Mathematics fun and easy– It raises learning motivation and achievement


The e-Learning method specially focusing on bringing up student’s FUNDAMENTAL CALCULATION ABILITY.

*The timetable can be made flexibly to suit your school/institution or your students.


TARGET Grade 1 – 6 (Age: 5 – 11)

*can be used for students in any grade to develop basic ability

LANGUAGE English, Sinhala, and Indonesian
SUBJECT Mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mix calculation)

* Expanded content for the elementary school range is also in development additionally: fractions, decimals, etc.

EXAMPLE TIMETABLE 1.5 hours / week
6 hours / month

Surala Ninja! Advanced Challenge Units

Flow of learning

1. Understanding: Step-by-step Interactive animation lecture

  • Ninja characters provide the explanation of concepts in a systematic way.
  • The lecture is divided into small steps and characters offer an interactive learning experience by asking questions to output from students.
  • With step-by-step interaction, students can ensure “I got it!”.

2. Mastering: Drill with gamification

  • After lectures, students practice with drills so that they can feel “I can do it!”.
  • With gamification of getting medals and drill ranking, students can enjoy practicing calculation to improve accuracy and speed.
  • Surala Ninja! minimizes workloads of teachers by providing a large number of exercises and mark students’ answers automatically.
  • The level of difficulty is adjusted automatically through evaluating the level of students’ understanding by our unique adaptive function.*

* Drill Difficulty control function (Release 2021 for Surala Ninja!)

3. Utilizing: Mini test

  • Teachers can assign tests to students to check their mastering.
  • Students can feel “I can use it!” by applying their practice.
  • Test opportunities also help teachers to find weaknesses and provide additional supports to raise the achievement level with the “Teachers Management System”.

Teachers management panel

Design learning & Monitoring

  • Teachers can develop learning plans flexibly for students’ different level of achievement and school curriculums by using the “Learning Designer” function.
  • Teachers can monitor the progress of students in real-time and track down the data of achievements to improve students’ performance.
  • The system also offers to facilitating communication between teachers and students in distance learning.


No special facility or software needs. All you need is the internet and a computer.

Supported devices

Windows PC / Mac / Chromebook / iPad

* Smartphones and iPad mini are not supported.

Supported browsers

Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Safari

System Requirements

OS Windows 10 / Windows 8.1

*64 bit

*Windows 10S has not been officially verified.

CPU Intel Core i 3 – 2370M (2.40GHz) or higher/equivalent
Memory 4GB or higher
Display Resolution Large size display is recommended for Surala learning.

Operation for future skill development

We, Surala Net, aims to develop not only the foundation of Mathematics but also skills for the future. The operation of class using Surala materials is designed so that e-learning class can be the place to nurture independent learning skills by acquiring disciplines and learning habits. Also, we introduce the evaluation methods of awarding for making efforts to raise learning motivations.

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Our Surala Math Solution

How to start

For the smooth operation of e-learning, we engage with parents, teachers, and students. Before starting,
we organize parent meetings to explain the e-learning system as well as teacher training to effectively conduct the new way of teaching.

If you are interested in using our service, please contact from the below

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“Surala Ninja!” has a proven track record to improve accuracy and speed of calculation with the increase of learning amount with individual e-learning. By utilizing the data, we assess the amount of learning and achievements and have discussions with teachers to continuously improve education.

Please also refer to the previous projects for details.


To enhance learning

We offer various opportunities for students and teachers to maximize the impact of learning. For teachers, we have conducted education seminars online and offline to share the trend of education and our partner school experiences. For students, the events are organized to offer experiences to utilize their learning in mathematics and challenge themselves.

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