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Event Report

Indonesia Digital Math Contest: Demonstrate power of learning

Heading to the end of the academic year, Digital Math Contest was held in Indonesia. Involving a total 759 students from 50 schools for two preliminary rounds in April and May, selected students proceeded to the Grand Final in June. The event became the place where students gathered and demonstrated their accumulation of learning.

SuRaLa Net has been conducting Box calculation contests from 2019 to offer opportunities to challenge themselves and find their accomplishments. Students challenged either 30-box, 50-box, or 100-box depending on their level and competed by the speed while maintaining the accuracy.

This year, for the first time, participants were expanded beyond partner schools on an invitation basis. At the preliminary for invited schools in April, students found a new way of learning through participation in the contest. For the preliminary for partner schools in May, some schools organized special training sessions to leverage the contest as an opportunity to further grow students’ skills.

Also, from April to May, the social media campaign “Surala Mission” was conducted on Instagram, offering quizzes, origami, and drawing activities every week to increase engagement with students.
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In the Grand Final round in June, selected students demonstrated their ability accumulated by many practices throughout the year, and surprised parents and teachers with their high level of performance. As a special guest, Mr. Hiroaki Kato, a Japanese singer in Indonesia joined, sending cheers and performing the song for students. While many events have been canceled due to the pandemic, students enjoyed the special event, sharing special moments with students from different schools.

The winner of 100-Box, Raihan Thomas Jefferson, SD Ar-Rafi’ Bandung said, “Of course, I felt happy when I was announced as the winner of the 2021 DMC. On the other hand, I felt tense while working on questions both from the preliminary round and in the grand final”. His father commented, “He is always practicing every day, and always wants to challenge himself to be perfectly accurate (100%) with less speed”. Of course, his parents always accompany and support him so that achievement does not despair.

His father continued,“Raihan used to be a child who was afraid of competition, but after learning the fun and easy in Surala Ninja program, he always wonders if he failed or didn’t get the maximum score and wants to always improve his skills in the subject of mathematics.

Also, in the closing session, best teachers were awarded from each partner school. During the time of school closure, they exercised their ingenuity to motivate students and develop their academic ability, such as awarding for the amount of effort by utilizing data on the learning management system. One of awardee, Mr. Wildan, the Surala Facilitator of SD Labschool UPI Tasikmalaya commented “Thank for SuralaNinja! for the gift as the spirit for Indonesian kid’s education. This award keeps us (Teachers) motivated in facilitating the kids while studying at home.”

Later this year, Surala Net plans to hold an international contest, involving students from other countries such as the Philippines and Sri Lanka besides Indonesia. We will continue to provide unique learning opportunities for students to challenge themselves and foster confidence and self-esteem, important for future growth.

About the activities in Indonesia, please refer to the partner company, Surala Suluh Karsah’s website.