Jun 10, 2022

Learning mathematics in Internet Cafes in the Philippines

Surala Net Co., Ltd. has reached a new agreement with Salt Payatas, NGO based in Tokyo, to provide digital basic mathematics lessons for children near Manila, the Philippines.

In the Philippines, more than two years of lockdowns and some of the world’s longest school closures left children stuck at home without proper educational support. For students without access to the internet or computing devices, education became almost out of reach.

Salt Payatas and Surala Net started supporting education of children living in low-income areas in Kasiglahan, Municipality of Rodriguez, in October 2021. The children, aged 12 to 15, come to study at five local internet cafes by accessing digital mathematics program ‘Surala Ninja!’, to improve their knowledge and skills. University students living in the area help them when they have questions and give them encouragement.

With the new agreement between Salt Payatas and Surala Net, the project will continue to support 80 children in the area, aiming for their learning recovery. Surala Ninja! is designed to support all children to acquire core mathematical competencies. It adapts to the current level and learning speed of each learner. It is expected that the program will address gaps in learning outcomes among students which were widened due to school closures.

Salt Payatas’s website (Japanese):