Oct 12, 2023

Implementation of project with partnering with Asian Development Bank Institute and Tanoto Foundation

SuRaLa Net has partnered with Asian Development Bank Institute and Tanoto Foundation to implement the research project in Indonesia to close the gap in academic achievement by utilizing adaptive learning technology, providing individually optimized learning tailored to the abilities of each student. SuRaLa Net provided adaptive learning material to about 10,000 students in about 100 public schools, located in Central Java and Jakarta in the school year 2022/2023.

Starting from teacher training, SuRaLa Net supported the implementation of digital learning in public schools with continuous monitoring, including support for preparing sufficient facilities, throughout the year and realized personalized learning experiences in a large number of public schools. The results of learning in a one-year research project will be further analyzed and shared in public in later 2023.

*The announcement of the project:
Partnership with Asian Development Bank Institute for supporting secondary school mathematics in Indonesia

*ADB website: