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Event Report

Surala International Digital Math Contest:New challenge opportunity by connecting students in Indonesia and the Philippines

Inviting students in Indonesia and the Philippines, “Surala International Digital Math Contest” was held on December 19, 2020.  Students from two countries demonstrated their mathematics ability developed through learning Surala even during the school closure.

SuRaLa Net has been conducting Box calculation contests in operating countries to provide opportunities for students to challenge themselves. Because of the pandemic, the event was turned online and became an international contest for the first time by connecting Indonesia and the Philippines. 

This event aimed to enhance learning even in the time of the school holidays in December. By setting the criteria of study amount to participate in the event, students studied hard independently at home even during the pandemic. The contest started from the preliminary contest from December 10 to 19 with about 700 students joined from two countries. Among them, 60 students were selected for the final.

On the day,  students joined the session online from home and challenged box calculation for 25 boxes, 50 boxes, and 100 boxes depending on the grade. Each student showed a high level of concentration and performance, and the top speed students with 100% accuracy were awarded.  School teachers and parents also participated and cheered up the challenges of students, witnessing the growth of students. Students also enjoyed game activities and mingling with children from different countries. With interactions beyond borders, the online space was full of energy of exciting students. This event became a precious moment for children and parents as they lost many school event opportunities due to the pandemics.

Leveraging our network, we will continue to provide unique learning opportunities to raise students’ motivation for learning and performance.

*This event was held as a part of the “Future Classroom” project supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan, and Japan External Trade Organization.  (*Please refer to the page about the project)