Mar 2, 2022

Sri Lanka: New partnership with Child Action Lanka to support children’s education

Surala Net Co.,Ltd., and its partner company, Next Learners (Pvt) Ltd, have started providing the digital mathematics program, “Surala Ninja!”, for Child Action Lanka. CAL is a non-profit organization specializing in education, health and nutrition, and child protection.

CAL works nation-wide in Sri Lanka and operates eight child-support centres. At the centres, healthy meals and learning activities are provided for vulnerable children from pre-school to high school ages.

A Surala Ninja! program was launched in the centre located in Galle, as a starter. A new room with computer facilities was established for children to access to the digital program. There is a plan to expand to the other centres in the future.

(picture: Parents meeting)

Debbie Edirisinghe, Founding Director of Child Action Lanka, said “It is important for us to look at education with new eyes. Why do we try to limit our children to learning from books only when there’s so much other possibilities. We are grateful to SuRaLa Net for reviving a passion for mathematics in our children by helping them explore more.”
The majority of schools in the country were closed for one and a half years during the height of the COVID pandemic, then they reopened in early 2022. Since then, the schools closed on a number of occasions because of the current economic crisis which is driving millions of people into poverty.