Event Information

Event information

International Digital Math Contest 2023 (October – December)

International Surala Digital Math Contest is an online contest that students from various countries compete for their math ability in two categories: Box calculation and Math Test. Through the event, SuRaLa Net aims to motivate students for learning and nurture self-esteem.

First all the students of each country compete with their friends in the National preliminary round, and those who are ranked top moves on to the National Final, then International Final.


There are two competitions, and students can join one or both competitions.

Digital Box Calculation

Competition for calculation accuracy and speed
40 Box Grade1 Addition/Subtraction
50 Box Grade2, 3 Addition/Subtraction
100 Box Grade4-6 Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division

Math Test Competition

Competition for comprehensive math skills & logical thinking
CategoryA Under Grade4
CategoryB Grade5
CategoryC Grade6

Participating countries

This year, five countries participate: Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Egypt, and Japan.
For more details about implementation of preliminary and national final, please check each country’s page.

Sponsors and Associates

The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan


MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, CULTURE, SPORTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-JAPAN- Introduction of Japanese-style Education Using the Public-Private Collaborative Platform (EDU-Port Japan Project)