Mar 25, 2022

Press Release

SuRaLa Net partners with the Asian Development Bank Institute to Implement Adaptive Learning in Mathematics at Public Junior High Schools in Indonesia

Tokyo,Japan, March 25, 2022—SuRaLa Net Co.,Ltd., a Japanese leading EdTech company, participates in a pilot project implemented by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and other organizations at public junior high schools in Indonesia to provide “Surala Ninja!”, an Mathematics adaptive e-learning program.

(Picture: Math classroom using “Surala Ninja” in private primary school in Indonesia)

Since 2015, SuRaLa Net has been providing “Surala Ninja!”, an e-learning program for learning the four arithmetic operations in Indonesia, and the program has been used in the mathematics class at primary schools in Indonesia. Even in situations where schools are closed for a long time due to the COVID-19, it has supported distance education by taking advantage of the feature that allows individual students to learn from the basics at their own pace and levels. In 2022, the learning content is expanded to cover junior high schools, and this project plans to implement a large-scale pilot for the first time at public junior high schools.

ADBI, as the think tank of the Asian Development Bank based in Tokyo, conducts policy research and capacity building to drive sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. In Indonesia, ADBI is implementing a research project to close the gap in academic achievement by utilizing adaptive learning technology, providing individually optimized learning tailored to the abilities of each student. In particular, there are concerns about learning losses due to the closure of schools for almost two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the individualized learning is expected to build foundational academic skills. Conducting pre-pilot activities including assessing students achievement levels in March 2021, one-year pilot program will be launched this summer. In partnership with ADBI and other partner organizations, it will work to ensure that public schools, which have limited experience in using digital technology in education, will be able to use the system appropriately and maximize the learning effect.

SuRaLa Net will continue to collaborate with various organizations to contribute to addressing educational disparities through innovative technology.

About the e-learning material “Surala Ninja!”
This e-learning system is developed for elementary school students as an overseas version so that students can enjoy learning the four rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through interactive animations. Students can learn at their own pace on their own devices, and educators can adjust the learning content based on students’ understanding and progress through the learning management system, thus realizing personalized learning for each student. Currently, there is a Sinhala version for Sri Lanka, an Indonesian version for Indonesia, and an English version that is mainly used in India and the Philippines.

About SuRaLa Net
With the corporate philosophy of “Innovate education, empower children to drive their futures” SuRaLa Net provides the adaptive interactive ICT teaching materials “Surala” and “Surala Drill” to more than 430,000 students in about 2,500 tuition schools and schools in Japan. While our products are widely used in public schools, famous private junior and senior high schools, and major tuition schools nationwide, we continue to grow by providing learning opportunities for students with developmental and academic disabilities, truancy, and those from economically disadvantaged households, as well as other solutions to Japan’s educational issues, and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2017 as a leading EdTech startup company.
Starting the overseas business in 2014, we introduce our solutions to private schools and tuition schools in many countries. Also, as Japanese-style education has been attracting attention in many countries around the world in recent years, we have been selected for projects by the Japanese government and international organizations, and are expanding our activities.
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