Dec 24, 2021

Press Release

SuRaLa Net holds International Digital Math Contest

Students from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines connect online to compete in mathematics ability

Tokyo, Japan, December 24, 2021—SuRaLa Net Co.,Ltd., Japanese leading EdTech company, held the International Digital Math Contest to gather students in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines on December 11. In addition to the “Box Calculation” category, in which students compete on the accuracy and speed of calculations, a “Math Test” category was newly established this year with the support by The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan which conducts and operates “Suken Test” measuring practical mathematics competency. On the day of the competition, 177 students and pupils who won the preliminary and final rounds in each country demonstrated the results of their daily studies. Moreover, students who participated in the preliminary rounds also took part in the activities held on the same day, bringing a total of about 300 people together online for an opportunity for international exchange.

(Left: Students from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines
Right: Mr. Shinobu Takada, Managing Director, The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan, awarding the winning student)

In addition to offering “Surala Ninja!” overseas, Surala Net has been organizing math contests with local partners in various countries since 2018 with the aim of creating opportunities for students to challenge their goals, gain experience that efforts lead to achievements, and build self-confidence and self-esteem. Taking advantage of the ability to manage learning online, it has continued to hold events online in 2020 and beyond, and has continued to provide opportunities for children to take on new challenges while many school events are suspended due to COVID-19.

This year was the first time that the three countries in which we operate, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Philippines, jointly held the event. 2,332 students from 51 schools and organizations participated in the preliminary rounds, and after the preliminary rounds and domestic finals that started from October, the 177 winners gathered for the international final. Students who participated in the preliminary rounds also had the opportunity to interact with students from other countries by participating in math bingo games and activities to learn about the culture and language of the participating countries.

“Box Calculation” is a unique Japanese math education method to improve the accuracy and speed of calculations, and is one of the unique contents of “Surala Ninja!”. The students who participated in the event had been practicing hard, and on the day of the event, they showed off their math skills to the fullest. Marichelle Novitha (4th grade, Indonesia), the winner of this year’s “100-Box Calculation Category,” the top Category of the “Box Calculation” competition, achieved perfect scores in all 100-Box calculation tests for each of the four arithmetic operations, with an average answering time of 1 minute and 4 seconds.
In the “Math Test,” which was newly introduced this year, students were challenged with questions that required a wide range of math knowledge and mathematical thinking skills. The winner of the sixth grade, the highest grade in the “Math Test”, was presented the “SUKEN Award” by The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan.

SuRaLa Net will continue its efforts to provide children with opportunities to develop a sense of self-affirmation and increase their motivation to learn through its educational events.

About the e-learning material “Surala Ninja!”
This e-learning system is developed for elementary school students as an overseas version so that students can enjoy learning the four rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through interactive animations. Students can learn at their own pace on their own devices, and educators can adjust the learning content based on students’ understanding and progress through the learning management system, thus realizing personalized learning for each student. Currently, there is a Sinhala version for Sri Lanka, an Indonesian version for Indonesia, and an English version that is mainly used in India and the Philippines.

About The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan
The Institute conducts a mathematics testing and certification business that is widely recognized as a highly trusted and useful indicator of mathematics learning. By returning to society the knowledge and know-how we have acquired, the Institute contributes to inspiring a lifelong interest in mathematics and raising the level of mathematical ability in people around the world.

About Suken Test
The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan measures practical mathematics competency through tests called Suken Test. Suken Test consists of 10 levels (called Kyus) spanning from elementary to university level mathematics.
The main concept of our institute is lifelong learning and therefore anybody can take the test regardless of age or background.
People may have different motives for taking Suken Test, whether it be to measure their ability in mathematics, to get the certificate or to go back and review what they learned in school. Our objective is not to determine the best mathematicians but to provide people with opportunities to measure their math skills.

About SuRaLa Net
With the corporate philosophy of “Innovate education, empower children to drive their futures” SuRaLa Net provides the adaptive interactive ICT teaching materials “Surara” and “Surara Drill” to more than 400,000 students in about 2,500 tuition schools and schools in Japan. While our products are widely used in public schools, famous private junior and senior high schools, and major tuition schools nationwide, we continue to grow by providing learning opportunities for students with developmental and academic disabilities, truancy, and those from economically disadvantaged households, as well as other solutions to Japan’s educational issues, and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2017 as a leading EdTech startup company.
Starting the overseas business in 2014, we introduce our solutions to private schools and tuition schools in many countries. We started our overseas business in 2014, and our e-learning have been introduced to private schools and tuition centers in various countries. In recent years, Japanese-style education has been attracting attention in many countries around the world, and the Japanese government has been working to support the overseas expansion of EdTech companies. Following the “Future Classroom” overseas development support project implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), which was adopted last year, this year, SuRaLa Net is working as an authorized project of the “EDU-Port Japan” pilot project, which the overseas development of Japanese-style education through collaboration among all-Japan including the public and private sectors.